• 2023

    I run Soul GardenTM in several time zones, join us from anywhere...

    Soul Garden TM

    A 6 month, expressive arts journaling course for women.


    It is a a wonderful, cumulative and strengthening process. Join the waitlist for June 2023.

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    Personal Art Retreat: At Home

    The world is a little unsettling & tiring right now. I know, I feel it too. That's why it's even more important that you take time for yourself in creative ways. Creativity helps you to:

    • Physically, mentally and spiritually experience movement that regulates the nervous system
    • Engage problem solving skills
    • Replenish inspiration & positive experiences
    • Increase empathy, self compassion & perspective

    I know you are interested in what creativity can do for you, but you don't feel confident enough to follow through with it on your own. That's why I created this Personal Art Retreat that you can do at home. You will receive:

    • 3 prompts with a One Day Guide that will help you one step at a time
    • An approachable schedule that encourages you to use familiar & natural materials
    • A beginning, middle & end to a day set aside for nourishing & listening to the life within you
    • Download now & schedule time for yourself this month for less than a night out ($39):
  • Unlock Your Creative Potential this year

    Learning to trust your inner voice takes time.

    I have curated my BEST tools to help you loosen up & listen to your soul.Find your first step to the Expressive Arts below:

  • Ready to Listen & Respond to Your Inner Voice?

    Learning to trust the timing and begin your practice are the first steps....

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    My name is Sara -

    So glad to meet you!

    The flexible thinking, inner peace & empowerment you are longing for is just a click away.. . . .

    Let's unleash the pixie dust of creativity that brings new perspectives your way.

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    Ever wonder why someone else's good advice doesn't stick?

    It doesn't have the power of what already lays within you...

    You must do the work of the personal journey, follow the process of the art making and see what is formed with your own hands. Your art becomes visible so you can engage with what comes from you. The process of creating gives you the gift of relating to your feelings and intuition through color, shape, texture & metaphor.


    My courses and groups are designed for your journey & process. There is a life source inside of you. It is up to you to tap into it and begin listening. We don't do 'perfect' here. We are in it for the experiences, messages and connection that personal art making brings. Ready to join? Scroll back up and choose the course that is best for you!

  • Want to hear more?

    I joined the Women of our local Chamber and you can too!

    Set aside 30 minutes to learn about "The Art of Self Care".


    And don't forget to download your Free self care check-in below.

  • Curious about creativity as a tool for Self Care?

    Awesome. Click below to get started with a quick prompt.