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    Sara Bywaters-Baldwin, MDiv, DVATI, is the founder of Willow Circle Art, LLC, and dedicated to seeing community members experience redemptive, creative & hope filled lives. With over 20 years of experience working with youth and a decade of helping women transition through life and spiritual questions, Sara has found engaging expressive art as a vehicle for positive change within individuals, schools, small groups and communities. A native of Fauquier and Culpeper County, she earned a Master of Divinity at Regent College where she was honored with the pastoral care award for her graduating class and a 2 Year Post Graduate Art Therapy Diploma at Vancouver Art Therapy Institute in British Columbia, Canada in 2006. The international experience as well as work in a community of strength based, social justice and dual diagnosis addiction/behavioral health situations was an enriching experience that she hopes will bless others on their journey with her artistic and spiritual guidance. She has worked alongside licensed counselors and clergy in VA to bring a unique form of communication & healing.

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    Willow Circle Art


    Her family new something was brewing when she won coloring contests as a kid! With a history in art therapy and a pursuit of art & spiritual formation, Sara began bringing groups together over a decade ago and realized there is power when people create together.


    When we create in a supportive community, deep roots grow. Creativity provokes flexibility, problem solving, and structure to hold things that matter to us - making room for fresh growth and collaborative experiences together.


    Willow Circle Art is about exercising creative thinking together in moments that become sacred. Moments that create change.


    How is this different from popular paint parties? It has more to do with heart & soul work than creating a specific image. Imagine creating sacred space for yourself or spending time with 4-6 people who share something in common with you, being led by a gentle soul who gives you a compass through words, direction and free time to create, with fellow sojourners who are cheering you on. It's a process rather than a product and an experience that allows you to begin where you are and find your strengths.


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    Heart & Soul

    You just might start to see things in a new framework, walk away with a rested spirit, connected to others with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in life. You may even have words to communicate with that you didn't before.


    This is what happens when we exercise creative principles, creative thinking and experiential art processes. Interested? Today, Sara works as a facilitator in the Culpeper area to bring art and spirit together for a unique experience every time.


    During 2021-22, Sara will facilitate live workshops, courses and retreats through Zoom and in person workshop by workshop, adhering to new Covid guidance.


    Willow Circle Art travels to businesses, connects through online courses and hosts retreats in the beautiful Blue Ridge within an hour of both DC and Charlottesville.


    Plan your weekend around an art circle at the Art & Spirit Barn Studio and tour the local wineries, breweries, local downtown shops and restaurants. I can recommend awesome B&B's, massage therapists and local yoga studios as COVID-19 regulations allow.


    Your best weekend is just a plan away.

  • This is not art therapy..

    If you are looking for an individual art therapist, refer to the


    American Art Therapy Association.