• Hope & Willow

    Hope Water Wellness and Willow Circle Art

    (Now scheduling for Fall Zoom Presentations 2020)

    Therapeutic Dynamic Duo: Art & Evidence Based Therapies

    The Expressive Arts are made for times like these.

    Let us help you build skills and awareness to reduce symptoms of PTSD and situational depression and anxiety among the teams and communities you love.

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    In the Studio, Eco Rhythm of Rixeyville VA

    Workshops for Teens & Adults Who Want Skills

    Hope & Willow join forces to give people attention and therapeutic experience without weekly meetings and coming into an office. In the art studio, Amanda Findley MSW, LCSW and Sara Bywaters-Baldwin MDiv, DVATI join forces to allow creative techniques to come alongside Strength Based perspectives to increase awareness & life skill building. Learn more about Hope Water Wellness here.

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    We also travel to you

    Hands On Presentations & Trainings

    Sara & Amanda have most recently served the Fairfax Sheriff's office in new officer training as well as women and teens to build personal growth skills & awareness. We consult & create an educational, hands on experience that allows creativity to help you and your team acknowledge what is needed, personally, to thrive. Mindfulness, Strength Based, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and other evidence based models are used for coaching, teaching and reinforcing skills needed to produce a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

  • Wellness Training

    Increase Flexibility & Longevity for Your Employees

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    8 Week Group: Creative Calm

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